YouTube as an SMM tool: video optimization

To date, YouTube has become the second largest search engine in the world. For example, most of the “how to do” queries are addressed to him. In addition, visual materials, and even more so videos, attract the attention of users of social networks much more than text.

YouTube is a video hosting service that allows you to add friends, subscribe to various channels, add posts to favorites, comment on videos and put “likes”. All this brings YouTube as close as possible to social networks, so it is obvious that youtube subscribers boost is indispensable as an SMM tool.

Why a YouTube presence is mandatory

As statistics show, more than sixty percent of the world's traffic is video traffic, so when promoting your brand in social networks, do not forget about video hosting, especially since:

• When the video is displayed in the TOP search engine, the web portal also rises in the output to more favorable positions, although this will have to work hard.

• YouTube brings high-quality traffic, because those who found and viewed your video are clearly interested in this topic.

• Video influences the formation of a positive opinion about the brand.

• By combining training content and videos, you will get much more feedback.

At the same time, do not forget that videos must be made with high quality. Otherwise, you risk not only facing negative reviews, but also losing part of the audience.

What video should I shoot for your Youtube channel

• Demonstration of the product or the result of providing your service to the client, you can use the before and after format with detailed explanations;

• Event video for an informational occasion (ideally loud);

• Expert content, a third-party expert who has weight in the eyes of the audience, stands up for your product;

• Training videos for potential customers on how to use your product or service in different situations and locations;

• Customer reviews on video with their demonstration of the use of your product/service;

• Live video - the life of your company from the inside, to inform customers how you solve problems for the sake of product quality.